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Powell Lens

Powell lens looks like a round prism with a two-dimensional curved roofline that plays as a laser line generator. It is a quantum leap forward reflecting an illuminated straight line from a narrow laser beam.

Power Prism Coating Treatment

The coating treatment of Powell Prism depends on the laser line generator lenses, like anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating. But here at GLAShern, we offer a wide range of Powell lens designs and coatings.

powell lens-1

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

It is a coating type on the surface of lenses with components that reduce reflection and improve the efficiency of transmitting light.

powell lens-2

Ultraviolet Anti-Reflective Coating

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation should be avoided by having various lens materials for surface coating; this type has high-quality transmittance and reflectance properties.

powell lens-3

Broadband Anti-Reflective (BBAR) Coating

It has tight angle tolerances ideal for applications that need coatings for low-power laser lines to maintain surface-finished right-angle prisms.

We Offer Powell Lens Fabrication


Here at GLAShern, we can produce guaranteed top-notch Powell lens designs, ready-to-assemble custom designs tailored to your needs for the application. You can count on our cost-effective and high-quality customized lens made by our excellent engineers and advanced methods.

We offer optical lens from 6mm to 9mm and thicknesses from 2.5mm to 10mm. Custom scallop angles are also available, you can decide between 1° and 110°.

Regarding the glass material, you can choose whether your Powell lens is made of quartz glass, ZF, K9 glass, optical glass, N-BK7 glass, or BK7. Our team can assure you of a breakthrough in your desired outcome of Powell Lens Design.


Why Choose GLAShern's Laser Line Generator Lenses

Custom Surface Coatings and others

Here at GLAShern, our main objective is to meet our client’s expectations of the product we manufacture and customize.

The collection and production of our laser line generator lenses go through quality control inspection and strict procedures, making it achieve tolerance at ± 0.1mm.

Also, our methods, equipment, and engineers are working towards the utmost excellent performance to achieve the transmittance rate of over > 97% in our Powell lenses.

Indeed, GLAShern is your best option, as we can deliver a high production volume without compromising the quality of our custom optic fabrications.

For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Explore the Uses of Powell Prisms

A Powell Prism is a laser line generator lens that can uniformly convert and display the laser beams into straight lines. Some industries are using this for their laser-making machine and scanning systems. Producing Powell prisms helped the sectors that use construction and process controls. In GLAShern, we highly recommend collaborative teamwork from us by letting us manufacture the Powell prisms you need.

3D Triangulation

Machine Vision Lasers

Optical Medical Instruments

Military Laser Systems

Ready To Start Your Next Translucent Glass Project ?

GLAShern manufactures Powell prisms, Powell lenses, and laser line generator lenses with the utmost high quality. Right angle prism is also part of the priorities. Start collaborating with us and see how we can meet the desired custom designs tailored to your needs.

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