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Custom Quartz Glass Supplier

We are a leading supplier of high-standard quality quartz glass products in China, with expertise in designing and processing.

Quartz Glass Raw Material We Offer


Quartz Glass JGS-1

Quartz Glass JGS-1

JGS-1 glass is utilized in wavelengths ranging from deep ultraviolet to visible light. It is constructed of exceptionally pure synthetic silica. Colorless quartz glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, outstanding optical characteristics, and excellent UV transmission.

Quartz Glass JGS-2

Quartz Glass JGS-2

JGS-2 quartz glass is comprised of natural silica of excellent grade, transmits visible light and ultraviolet light well, and is utilized when the ability to work at high temperatures and resist thermal shock is critical.

Quartz Glass JGS-3

Quartz Glass JGS-3

Quartz glass JGS-3 (Infrared Optical Quartz) comprises high-quality synthetic silica. It has good physical qualities as well as outstanding optical properties.

Opaque Quartz Glass

Opaque Quartz Glass

In opaque quartz glass, the air is blown into the quartz process. This gives it an opaque color and unique insulating properties. Opaque quartz is traditionally used to stop heat transfer radiating from the fiber optic effect of clear quartz.

Quartz Glass Ceramics

Quartz Glass Ceramics

Quartz or ceramic improves the reflective properties of clear coats, giving the finish depth and clarity. Quartz glass ceramics enhance the reflective properties of clearcoats, adding deep gloss and clarity to the finish.


Clear Quartz Glass

A colorless and transparent type of quartz. When someone asks what crystals look like, they usually imagine clear crystals. Its transparency, and edgy smooth appearance fascinated the world.

We Offer Custom Quartz Glass For Your Needs


Our company specializes in the processing of high-quality quartz glass with a purity of SiO2 of 99.98% or more. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to produce a wide range of glass products, including tubes, rods, plates, and other custom shapes.

Our glass is manufactured through a specialized process that results in a glass that is transparent, has a high resistance to thermal shock, and is ideal for use in various industries such as semiconductor, lighting, chemical, and biomedical.

We can also transform our high-purity quartz glass into tubes of various diameters, thicknesses, and lengths, according to our clients’ specific needs.

Quartz crystal glass

Processing Services for Quartz Glass

Custom Surface Coatings and others

We offer various process options for quartz glass, including different coatings such as ITO, anti-condensation, and heat-resistant. Furthermore, you can select the edging you prefer, such as stepped edges, beveled edges, curved edges, and more. Our team can create and manufacture quartz glass tailored to your needs and preferences.

Quartz glass manufacturing
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern over time.

Quartz Glass Thickness and Size Service

Custom Fabrication Services

GLAShern processing 1-5 mm thickness quartz glass with fused silica and gives it to our clients with complete sizing customization. As the leading fused silica producer, we provide numerous customized fused silica and discs with a diameter of 200 mm and thicknesses of up to 10 mm.

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Various Uses of Quartz Glass


Semiconductor Industry

Widely used in the semiconductor industry due to its high purity, and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is commonly used as windows, partitions, or tubes in equipment such as reaction chambers, chemical vapor deposition furnaces, and diffusion furnaces.

Chemical Industry

Due to its exceptional purity and remarkable ability to withstand high temperatures, quartz glass is employed in the manufacturing of semiconductors, including computer chips, transistors, and more.

Medical Industry

Used in the medical industry for UV disinfection systems, sterilization of medical equipment, laboratory equipment, and medical imaging equipment.

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