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Solar-Energy Glass

Also known as photovoltaic glass, solar energy glass refers to a specialized type of glass that is built to generate electricity directly from sunlight. With solar panel glass, you have a glass option that essentially incorporates solar cells or thin-film photovoltaic materials into its structure, allowing it to harness solar energy and directly convert it to electricity.

Customized Solar Glass

Custom Fabrication Services

The solar cells or photovoltaic materials integrated into solar energy glass can be based on different technologies, such as crystalline silicon, thin-film amorphous silicon, or emerging technologies like perovskite solar cells. These technologies determine the efficiency, transparency, and aesthetics of the high solar energy absorbing glass.

With GLAShern, you will be able to jump on this trend easily, taking advantage of our custom solar glass. And, with our broad range of glass options, you won’t need to worry about flexibility or versatility.


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The solar energy glass available at GLAShern comes in multiple sizes and thickness variants, while also catering to the needs of different customer segments.

Our goal is to ensure that you never have to go through too many different steps to get the glass you need. And, to that end, we ensure to always provide glass options on time and in the right specifications.

Combine this with the fact that our solar window options are available at the most affordable prices, and you’ll see that we are a cut above the rest.

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For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

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Common Uses of Solar Glass

Solar glass has found different applications in the past few years, including:

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Solar windows are used in the construction of buildings as skylights, facades, or canopies. These integrated solar panels can replace traditional building materials, such as regular glass or cladding, and generate electricity from the sunlight that falls on them.

Solar Panels and Modules

Solar energy glass is also used to manufacture conventional solar panels or modules. In this case, the glass serves as the protective cover for the solar cells, providing durability and allowing sunlight to pass through to the photovoltaic materials beneath.


Solar energy glass is utilized in greenhouse structures to provide both natural lighting and renewable energy generation. It allows plants to receive sunlight for photosynthesis while harnessing excess solar energy for electricity production

Solar Street Furniture

●Solar energy glass can be incorporated into street furniture like bus shelters, benches, or streetlights. These installations harvest solar energy during the day to power lighting, charging stations, or other functionalities.

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GLAShern’s solar energy glass is nothing like the others on the market. And, you can easily get your hands on them today, simply give us a call and let us know what you need!

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