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Tape Bonding Service

GLAShern can offer custom cut tape types, like as , 3M tape, TESA tape, Optical glue, CROWN tape, etc. We also can do regular double side adhesive tape and waterproof tape to meet your special needs.

Glass and Tape Bonding One-stop Solution


With over 14 years of experience, we specialize in custom-cutting various types of double-sided adhesive tapes, such as 3M, TESA and CROWN tape, etc, to meet diverse product needs. Our tapes, including standard and waterproof variants, ensure strong adhesion for glass, plastic or metal casings, withstanding outdoor conditions effectively. Trust us for reliable solutions tailored to your requirements.

GLAShern offers adhesive thickness options ranging from 0.15mm to 2mm and various 3M adhesive models, including 300LSE, 9448A, 9495LE, 55280, and 4905, etc. Our custom adhesives find wide applications across various electronic products.

Types of tape: Adhesive tape comes in different varieties, like as Foam tape, Clear tape,VHB tape, Mounting tape, Heat-resistant tape, etc.

Why Choose GLAShern Glass and LCD Bonding Service

glass and LCD screen bonding

Our adhesive is suitable for various materials, including glass , plastic and metal. Additionally, we offer LCD screen and glass bonding services. We have provided bonding services for LCD screens to many customers, and they are highly satisfied with our quality.

We Specialize in Custom Tape Service with 14+ Years of Experience.

More than 99% of customers praise our products and over 99% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Create Glass with Tape Applications


Electronic Products

Laptop and Phone Products

Wearable Products

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