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Custom Tinted Glass Table Top

At GLAShern Glass, purchasing a custom glass tabletop guarantees you receive only the finest quality glass customized exactly to your specifications. We meticulously craft each piece according to your desired glass thickness, type, shape, and edge style at the time of order, ensuring the utmost quality and satisfaction. Whether you’re in the market for a replacement glass tabletop or need a custom glass cover for a DIY endeavor, GLAShern Glass is equipped to meet your needs with precision and care

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Customizable Options for Tinted Glass Table Tops


Our tinted glass table tops are offered at a starting price that includes all essential features. Customize your tabletop during the ordering process by specifying measurements, selecting your preferred glass tint, and deciding on the glass thickness and strength. Additional customization options include adding a center hole for patio tables and choosing your desired edge type and corner finish.

Whether you are looking for a quality glass table top for your dining table or coffee table, the tinted glass table top is ideal for you. Its sleek and modern look enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home interior. Plus it is highly customizable and easy to clean.

Glass table Top Protector

Custom Fabrication Services

Many types of furniture, whether placed indoors or outdoors, benefit significantly from the addition of a glass table top protector . This protective layer shields against scratches, spills, and adverse weather conditions. The primary advantage of using glass table top protector is their transparency, which allows the beauty of the furniture’s surface to remain visible.

Glass tops provide a seamless and easy-to-maintain surface for textured materials such as wicker or stone, enhancing durability and guarding against potential damage or marks from glassware. For outdoor settings, tempered glass is recommended due to its safety features; it breaks into less harmful pieces rather than sharp shards. Our glass table top cover are ideal for those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects and are looking to craft unique furniture pieces from virtually any base material.

Tinted Glass Top Dining Table

When your cherished tinted glass top dining table shows signs of wear such as cracks, chips, or scratches, opting for a new glass top is the ideal solution. Replacing the glass top breathes new life into your dining area. Simply install a new glass top to rejuvenate your table, making it as good as new. GLAShern Glass offers a diverse range of glass replacements for tabletops to fit any dining setting. Each piece of replacement glass is tempered for enhanced durability and strength, ensuring longevity and resilience. Available in pre-cut sizes or custom dimensions to suit your specific needs, these glass tops come in various thicknesses to match your design preferences. Place your order today to efficiently refurbish and revitalize your dining furniture.

Custom glass cutting
Glass for Table Top Cut to Size One-stop Solution

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

The Leading Glass Table Tops Supplier


GLAShern Glass, a premier provider of glass tops in China, caters to a broad range of clients including hotels, restaurants, and designer showrooms, with an extensive selection of rectangular tinted glass top dining tables. Our offerings are available in any size to match your specific needs, crafted from high-quality glass with polished edges that combine elegance, style, and safety. Our oval glass table tops, available in clear glass, are priced competitively to offer the best value to our customers, featuring various edge designs to suit diverse aesthetic preferences.

At no extra cost, all tinted glass top dining tables feature tempered glass. This type of glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass and is created through a process involving intense heating and rapid cooling, making tempered glass table tops more resistant to heat and scratches.

Commonly known as safety glass, tempered glass is engineered for robustness. In the event of breakage, it shatters into small, granular pieces, significantly reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges. Its durability and safety attributes make it ideal for a variety of uses beyond dining tables, including shower doors, skylights, and automobile windows. Laminated glass is typically reserved for windshields due to its layering for added protection, while building regulations often mandate the use of tempered glass in windows to enhance safety in buildings.

For those prioritizing durability and safety, opting for a tinted glass top dining table with tempered glass offers both reassurance and long-lasting quality.

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Tinted Glass Table Top Applications

tinted glass table tops are used for a wide range of applications


Tinted glass top dining tables are favored in homes for their sleek visual enhancement. These versatile table tops are perfect for various settings including dining rooms, kitchens, and even patios. Additionally, they serve as excellent replacements for side tables and computer desks, elevating the style and functionality of the space.


Glass furniture continues to be a staple in office environments. Tinted glass tops are especially popular, providing a modern touch to office tables. They are the preferred choice for meeting tables, laptop desks, and conference tables, offering a blend of aesthetics and practicality.


For those looking to revamp their outdoor living areas, rectangular tinted glass top dining tables offer a unique and stylish solution. These tops are ideal for outdoor tables, transforming patio spaces into elegant and inviting environments.

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